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welcome to Alcatury Bok 2

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In the year 2000, the planet Gaia became, mostly united as a huge republic and began looking towards the skies and beyond. As their space program became quite successful, they began extracting materials from the moon, to build a giant spacebridge,  along with a huge grid of satellites all around the planet to produce enough energy. Later they built a starport and several other facilities, outside the planets atmosphere.
in the year 2060, the first colonization ships where ready for departure, however they had yet to actually invent a decent faster than light drive. Which means going anywhere fast would take forever. But the United Gaia went through with their plans, despite of this minor complications. Therefor the government filled her up with anyone who did not fit into the new world Kiev. Hippies, slackers, criminals, beggars and anyone else who was not hard hardworking or obedient. As a natural consequence of this, the ship was sent on a one way course for infinity.

Captains log 1#
As we traveled through space our ship kept deploying satellites at regular intervals to gather data and send it back to Gaia. We're not quite sure what year this is, since we're not on a planet anymore, therefore we don't run a 24 hour time cycle anymore. Several new time system has been proposed, but we've yet to decide on one, since our passengers don't care too much, and are more content with booze and drugs.  After six generations of this voyage most of the entertainment we've brought along became stale and boring. Other than that the trip has been very uneventful
Captains log 34#
After eight generations of captains, we came across a small issue, as the artificial gravity began to falter, leaving many parts of our vessel quite difficult to navigate through. Not that it stopped any one from inventing a new way to have fun. Aside from soccer and drinking games, this is probably the most interesting thing to occur on this ship,  aside from malfunctioning airlocks that sent most of our maintenance crew on a very unfortunate spacewalk. The sad part is that there's not much to do about this, since we can't stop and turn around and gaia did not include enough recovery crafts, as they where where used an lost, when the previous crew used them for joyriding. I'm going to miss Carlos.

Captains log 160#
I'm from a long line of captains, but we stopped to count 15 generations ago. This bucket of bolts has clearly seen better days, it's a miracle it's still hanging together at the seams. Not that I have much time to worry about that. Since  we had a small breach in our biodome, the place we grow tiny green plants, on rows, and rows of glass. It's amazing how fast this food reproduce. After all it only needs light and water to keep reproducing. Anyhow, our garden has began to spread through the ship, and several roots has began to crawl, it's way slowly through the inside of this bucket. But quite frankly we don't care, it's a nice change of scenery.

Captains log 280#
Star trekkin' across the universe, it's funny to see how many generations it takes for the folks who live in the zero gravity pockets to become spinelss sacks of blood and skin tissue. Not that they're complain too much, they keep sprouting nonsense about leaving their corporal self behind.

Captains log 331
Sometimes I wonder why this ship has needs a captain, it's  not like anyone can take control of this bucket and reverse it's course. After all it's mostly a big trashcan with a huge engine, that stopped working one generation ago. Never the less, since this ship has reached maximum speed a long time ago, it can't loose it's momentum, without placing a new engine the direction the craft is going.

Captains log 471
Space is big black and boring, or so I used to believe. Until everything turned into  sickly red color, it seems to be pulsating and organic. Not that anyone cares to examen it closer or that we've got anyone competent enough to do so. But the change of scenery is nice.

Captains log 421
The captain is dead all hail the new captain, well mostly dead. Our current locations is trippy as all hell and weird stuff happens all over the ship, people disappearing and changing all over the bucket. The previous captain became a potted petunia and most of our inhabitants has morphed into other variations as well. Most peculiar. Just like that the odd colored place  vanished and everything became black again.

Captains log 450
The zero grav people has given up their mortal coil, by turning them self into some mechanical mesh of wires and masks with red eyes. It's kinda creepy but at least they seems to be the sanest creatures around and they're quite useful as an encyclopedia. They seek knowledge and talks gibberish.

Captains log 501
Our current situations is grim, and we're headed straight for a huge planet that looks quite green and inviting. We've decided to call it Alcatury,  it's probably not a good idea to write this log, when I'm about to become one with the planets surface. But the zero gravs has found a way to make my bucket crash more in a more controlled matter.  I don't know much of the details, since I'm to distracted by the fact that one of them seems to live within the mind of my son.

Captains log 502
success , we've actually managed to land on the planet, despite of everything, let's just hope that our new home wont kill us.
Welcomme to Alcatury